April 1, 2015

Third Year Anniversary

Yesterday was mine and EH's third year wedding anniversary. I know everyone says it's crazy how quickly time flies by but it's so true. The past three years have been my favorite ever.

So in tribute, here's a walk down memory lane. This is really more for me because I love reminiscing over our wedding photos. What a perfect day!

So much of that day is such a blur but the biggest thing I remember is just smiling. A lot. And also that my bouquet took both hands to hold and was heavy but beautiful. 

I remember loads more than that but those are always the first two things that come to mind when looking at pictures.

So EH, Happy 3rd Anniversary and thank you for making me smile constantly. It gets better year after year and you sure do make marriage fun. I can't wait for all the upcoming years and can't think of anyone I'd rather spend them with! I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

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