April 22, 2015

Recent Purchases

On our recent trip to NWA, I took advantage of the guys playing golf to walk around the Pinnacle Hills Promenade and do a little bit of shopping.

Pinnacle Hills in Rogers is similar to the Promenade we have here in West Little Rock - they both remind me of the big outdoor malls everyone goes to in Florida or anywhere near the beach. Still, when the weather is nice it's a treat to be able to enjoy it while shopping!

My first purchase was this hat from Forever 21. When we were at the horse races several weeks ago I noticed SO many girls in these and I vowed to find one. But..I don't wear hats often so I was hesitant. This one was perfect - style was spot on and under $20.

Thanks to this hat and my new found love of dry shampoo, I might be able to start squeaking by with every-other-day hair. We'll see, that feels like a huge step.

Next I picked up my new favorite pair of wedges - GB Step-Back Slingback Banded Wedges. Gianni Bini is one of my favorite shoe brands and with 50% off, these were a no brainer. The wedge is high but they're seriously so comfortable.

And finally, I snagged a basic Piko shirt in white because I just love them. Perfect drapey shirt for when you don't want to look too casual but also you want to be comfortable. So easy to dress up or down. 

And lastly, after smudging my pedicure and not having time to go back to fix it, I ordered OPI My Chihuahua Bites so I can touch it up on my own. I love the bright color and at least on me, it has a slightly pink hue to it though the picture doesn't show it. I will definitely wear this again and again moving into summer.

So, nothing out of this world but I am definitely happy with all of my recent purchases! Anything you've picked up lately that you love? (Besiiiiides Lily Pulitzer at Target, though if you were lucky enough to grab some, I'd love to hear your thoughts!)

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