April 21, 2015

Recent Happenings

It seems like the warmer the weather gets, the more active we become. Not like, workout active, of course. Though we have plans for that!

Last Friday after the longest work week ever, we met up with friends to celebrate those who had taken their PE test. PE = Professional Engineer test that happens twice a year and is a huge deal in the world of engineering. I remember all too fondly how stressful the preparation for the exam is (second hand of course) so fingers crossed our friends passed their first round!

Saturday we headed up to NWA for another friend's birthday. It's always nice to get out of town, even for a night. Two weekends ago was Hot Springs and just now NWA - I will take any part of the Natural State!

On Sunday, we did what we usually do when in Fayetteville and that was hit up Feltner Brothers.  This classic fresh burger joint opened up the year EH and I moved down to Little Rock and we crave it all the time.

EH had already taken a bite out of his before I could snag a picture.

In the years since we've moved, Feltner Brothers has moved from their off-Dickson St. location to one off College. It lacks the energy and modern feeling of their previous location but I was relieved that the food was even better than I remembered.

Driving back home we stopped for a few furry hitchhikers.

Hopefully you know Moose but that patchy-furred fellow behind him is Bailey! He's staying with us for a few weeks. The only time I can get EH to agree to a second dog. :)

We also stopped for what was said to be the most delicious, creamy, pineapple flavored treat ever. Oddly specific, right?

Arkansas Pineapple Whip! In Conway, AR if you happen to be passing through.

The menu is small - basically your choice between two flavors (Pineapple, of course, and the day we visited - also cherry) then it's either cup, cone, or float. Ooh, and you could twist!

Wait, swirl. Twist or swirl, they both sound fun!

For 2.50 you really can't beat it. Not quite ice cream, not quite frozen yogurt. Very refreshing.

I was worried about the dogs scoping out my treat but they both were passed out from their adventures.

Moose requiring not one, but two dog beds. That's sort of his whole thing when Bailey is around apparently. All mine!

But they at least tolerate each other which is all I can ask for.

Isn't his little face cute? Bet you can't guess how old he is! Go ahead, try!

Just don't try and guess how long it's been since that back door has been washed, okay? Appreciate it!

While they tolerate eachother, Moose has suddenly come quite cuddly. Which we'll take!

I've heard that having more than one Pomeranian is called a Puff. I finally have one, even if only temporary!

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