April 26, 2015

Weekend Happenings and Funny Faces

I love an open weekend - one where you have minimal obligations. On Friday, we started our weekend meeting our out-of-town friend O for drinks and dinner. 

Since it's been awhile, we took him to our favorite new place that I love mentioning again and again - Lost Forty Brewery.

I'm grateful EH and S are good sports about blog pictures.

EH's enthusiasm for pictures continued on as we headed to The Flying Saucer with O.

Maybe he was just channeling Bailey.

The rest of our weekend was spent relaxing, cleaning the house, and cooking the most delicious at-home date night dinner ever.

Fred/Ed burgers for the main course - a family recipe that has evolved over the years and is seriously delicious.

Starting with sauteed veggies - onions, green bell peppers, mushrooms and garlic.

Is there anything more delicious? EH and I sampled this each time we walked by. Quality control and all that.

Paired with a spinach salad - topped with strawberries, toasted almonds and goat cheese with a poppy seed dressing. So good and perfect for Spring.

I really love making salad dressings from scratch. Don't get me wrong, I love me some ranch in any bottled variation, but there is something fun about whisking together your own ingredients.

And here was our finished product! I wish I could share the secret ingredients to this cheeseburger but I need written and verbal permission from multiple people and they're just no ready to give it up yet.

So much melty goodness. We don't make these burgers too often so it's an extra treat when we do.

Do you have any top secret recipes? 

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