April 8, 2015

Moose's 8th Gotcha Day

Yesterday was Moose's human-appointed birthday, or as EH likes to call it, his Gotcha Day.

I adopted Moose the summer before our Junior year of college. I stayed in Fayetteville and EH (then Engineer Student Boyfriend?) went back home to take some summer classes. 

I was 19 and out of the sorority house and really wanted a dog. I found Moose advertised in the newspaper and with my then roommate and little brother, went and saw him in person. 

I cried the first night - completely overwhelmed and thinking about how terrible a person I was because I knew I had to take him back. I grew up with lots of dogs but was dumb and unprepared to take care of a puppy while working and going to school. I even hid it from EH for a week or two until he came up to visit for our first anniversary.

Moose and I have a special bond (I almost wrote a hot check for you, buddy!) and I'm thankful every day that I got over myself and we figured it all out. But as soon as you met EH, you two were best buds.

EH really made you the good dog you are. (Apparently I'm now writing directly to Moose) 

So to celebrate your 56th Human Year Birthday, here is a long, but not long enough compilation of some of my favorite pictures.

Ahh, the days of driving a Monte Carlo and owning a bright blue purse. I digress.

Yes, I commissioned a painting of my dog. It was a wedding present. No regrets, though Moose was thoroughly confused. Which isn't surprising since he won't look at himself in a mirror.

Moose's favorite toys are called "booyungs". I just stopped typing to ask EH where we got that name and neither of us remember. Words.

This is where he got the nickname SquishFace. He sleeps so hard but it still so fluffy that when he wakes up he has the worst..squish face. Also squee at those paws.

He's also a good sport. Like the time I got his haircut before a camping/float trip and he ended up looking like this google image search of a random hyena. Sorry Moof.

Luckily he's quite forgiving.

Ha! Spoke too soon!

When we're not embarrassing you, you are quite polite.

And you have a very soft, introspective side.

You also have an adventurous side, far beyond tearing the mail up through the mail slot in the door. 

You're a wonderful host to new friends.

And though you insist on dragging all your babies out right after I have picked them all up..

You're still the best boy I've ever known.

You're our favorite forever. You might wake us up with incessant bone chewing, paw licking, sneezes and snores - hog the bed (which really? you weigh like 9lbs!) and bark at doorbells or chimes on the tv, but you're pretty much the best dog ever. Happy Gotcha Day Moose! (ae., Moosers, Moof, SquishFace, Pirate Squish Face, Moofers, Squish Bottom Fluff Pants, etc.,etc.)

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