November 8, 2015

Little Rock Cornbread Festival 2015

I love weekends with no plans. Or weekends with no expectations, to be more precise. Where you lounge around and get up to do things that sound fun, but if you don't, it's no big deal because nothing firm has been set, there are no disappointments to be had.

That's how this weekend was. On Friday night we had some pizza and met friends for the new Bond movie. Which, while not my favorite, was still pretty great. 

On Saturday it was cold and overcast which I don't hate. A quick glance at Facebook reminded me Little Rock had a Cornbread Festival!

Located in the popular SoMa district, we found parking in a random field and made our way in. $5 per person got you a wristband in.

The event started at 11am but we didn't show up until closer to 12:45. Next time, we'll make sure to get there closer to when it starts. There were still plenty of food options and booths to explore but even at 12:45 some people had already ran out of food and packed up to leave.

Still, lots of tasty samples to try.

The live music was awesome - the lead singer went from singing to playing the trumpet to a clarinet. And they were hilarious too! 

But for all of the deliciousness of the cornbread, EH and I had our sights set on something completely different from the beginning.

The Excaliburger.

EH had done all his homework - apparently this guy mastered his burger and set out on the road to share it with the world. Too many repairs on his food truck put him out of commission for awhile but now they are back and Little Rock rejoices because of it.

I don't even like pickles on my cheeseburger but on this burger they were perfection. If you're local, make sure to add the bacon for $1.00 more. Bacon makes everything better.

Southern Gourmasian was also in attendance, which I hate to admit I still have not tried. But I've heard amazing things!

Also Banana Leaf..which I have not tried either but it looked delicious!

After devouring our burgers with no napkins, who would have thought!, we made another round and back in time just to see the winners of the festival.

This group won several awards including Best All Around! I wish we would had arrived sooner so we could have tried their food. Now we know for next time!

The rest of our weekend included watching our Razorbacks win against Ole Miss, fires in the fireplace, and sleeping in on Sunday. 

Overall, the perfect weekend. Hope you had a great weekend as well!

October 6, 2015

Our Life Lately

Judging by my recent hours logged watching Netflix, I think it's safe to say our lives have slowed down. Somewhat.

Last Friday we headed to EH's hometown for their Octoberfest! My SIL helps plan this shindig and it was so much fun. There was great food, a whiskey tasting bar, wine tasting bar, beer tasting bar and live music!

Some of my favorite ladies!

And of course my favorite!

Word to the wise, it's probably best to stick with one beverage option. Two, at most. Eep!

The next day we came home and got ready to watch our Razorbacks against Texas A&M. We've been needing all the luck we can get so I decided to outfit the Mooser.

For every touchdown he had to high five but he got a half of a Scooby Snack. And his good luck jersey worked, we won!

Scooby Snack handouts eventually were given to EH. Like everyone at our house and elsewhere watching the game, he was anxious for some touchdowns!

Other than that, it's been business as usual around here. The weather has cooled slightly which has made me crave soups and stews. Potato Soup was a huge hit last night.

We've of course made time for beermosa's and brunch at Lost Forty.

And still found time to dress Moose in cozy animal print infinity scarves. Because Fall Y'all. Sometime's he is so basic.

Things are picking up over the next few weeks but it's all pretty fun. What plans have you had breaking into Fall?

September 23, 2015

Fall Neutrals

I love fashion in the fall. The colors are warm and cozy, plaid is everywhere, and it's all about layering textures and patterns. It's easily my favorite season.

Here are a few things I'm coveting right now.

earrings: Kendra Scott | polish: Essie | purse: Tory Burch 
booties: BC | bracelet: Victoria Emerson | infinity scarf: Modcloth

I've been on a bit of a fall shopping binge lately but it's tough not to shop when there are so many cute options out there! What have you picked up for the fall season?

September 22, 2015

Kitty's Wedding!

Back in July you may remember I helped host a Kiss the Girl Bridal Shower for my very best friend, Kitty. Last month was finally got together again to celebrate her and her Fiance's Big Day!

Starting out with a Rehearsal dinner at the restaurant K used to work!

All the pretty bridesmaid with Pretty K in the white. Love these girls!

After dinner, K smartly went back to her suite and took it easy the rest of the night, leaving the rest of us to go out. The wedding was in our college town so it's always fun to hit up our old stomping grounds!

We love Uber. And Fayetteville had some of the best Uber drivers. At one point I remember one of the cars having disco lights!

The next day we all met at Luxe Beauty to get hair and makeup done. 

Big hair don't care, right?

K's hair was beautiful, and her something borrowed was this beautiful piece that belongs to her older sister.

Once we were all dolled up it was time to get to the venue for champagne toasts and to put our dresses on.

My hair notoriously refuses to stay teased so I got a bit of a redo. N is the best at teasing hair. We debated just leaving it like this, K would have loved that!

The flower girls wanted a sneak peek at K in her dress.

AHH, isn't she gorgeous?! I am still obsessed with her gown. 

The back is to die for. I cannot wait to see her professional pictures.

Sisters! A is my little sis from our sorority days - aren't they both pretty? Pretty girls.

Before we knew it it was wedding time! K had a beautiful outdoor ceremony and then we all headed into the venue just a few steps away - the Pratt Place Barn. She had two long tables running the length of the barn, white twinkling lights and beautiful white arrangements. Simple but so classic.

We danced our little hearts out in celebration of K and A! I couldn't be happier for them both and I loved standing up with her for their big day. 

Sure love you, K! Cheers to all the happy years with A!

New Products I Love

So a few weeks ago I got a haircut - one different than what I've been sporting basically since college. You know the one, long with layers and a medium shade of brown. I occasionally tried bangs and would try different colors, but basically the same thing.

Now I have a Lob, or a long bob. It's still slightly past my shoulders, it's very subtle, but it feels so different to me! So with the new style I started seeking out some new products just to freshen things up.

And then I found Not Your Mothers line. 

The hair lifter is great - doesn't leave my hair crunchy if I miss it with my round brush.

The hairspray I have already reordered several times. I use a LOT of hair spray (poor EH and Moose) but this is great. Goes on light so it is easy to layer until I have the control I want.

Can't complain about the dry shampoo - though if I get a little heavy handed it does leave white residue, which is bad for brunettes. But it's pretty easy to rub in. Definitely a fan. 

Plus the price point is awesome.

Staying with the budget friendly price point, I've also really enjoyed e.l.f. Mineral Face Primer. For $6 you can't beat it and really I feel like it has performed just as well as the Smashbox version I typically use.

And to finish off my face, I really dig the Nyx Matte Finishing Spray. It scares me every time I spray it though, haha.

Have you tried any of these, or have any other budget friendly recs? And just so we're clear, this is not a sponsored post! Just what I have picked up lately from Target. :) 

September 21, 2015

No Plans Except Bacon

EH and I rarely have a weekend with no plans, or at least that's what it has felt like lately. So this past weekend when I checked our calendar and saw nothing, I got ridiculously excited.

After a lazy Friday night, I woke up Saturday and checked Facebook only to see it was Bacon Fest at the State Fair Grounds! Bacon. Fest. Who wouldn't want to check that out?

The food lines were all incredibly long, and it is still stupid hot here, so we picked one to wait it out, Pat's Kitchen.

Which had more traditional bacon wrapped items, sure, but we were starving at this point and bacon wrapped potato skins sounded divine. Spoiler: they were.

Deep fried potatoe wedges that were then wrapped in bacon, breaded and fried again. They were really good - if they could have incorporated cheese or sour cream they would have been over the top.

Jalapeno Poppers! These are mine and EH's favorites so we couldn't resist.

And candied bacon for dessert! Loved these.

With some of our favorite beers from Diamond Bear Brewery and Lost Forty Brewing!

After we devoured everything, we took another lap to see if any of the lines had shrank and to snap pics of all of the menus. Some of the items were outrageous!

The funnel cakes sounded awesome and if I wasn't already full I would have been all over the bacon topped batter fried cheesecake.

I didn't see anyone walking around with a bacon armadillo egg but that's not to say people didn't try it!

This last stop had a short line and a few things we really wanted to try so we jumped in for a bacon wrapped fried oreo and a jalapeno bacon lemonade. Jalapeno. Bacon. Lemonade. Whaaa?

Which we completely expected to hate. But it was delicious. It felt really wrong. We finished it all. 

Which got us thinking.. would this be good turned into a cocktail? Add some vodka, serve in a moscow mule mug with a piece of bacon for garnish? Weird? We may just have to try it.

My favorite part of the day were the action shots of EH trying the bacon fried oreo.

First was observation.

Action shot.

And if this isn't the look of satisfaction, I'm not sure what is.

And it was good! Though not as crispy or warm as we thought it would be.

Saturday we met EH's Dad and his Wife to watch what we were sure would be a Razorback victory. Judging by our faces you can tell how the game went. Still love our Hogs!

Sunday, we headed to our favorite new brunch spot - Lost Forty - to try and recover from our defeat. If you are local and haven't checked out Lost Forty for brunch on Sundays, you absolutely should.

Two options for Beermosa's - fresh squeezed grapefruit or orange juice. We ordered one of each!

I went with my favorite, their biscuits and gravy with two fried eggs. 

While EH went for their cinnamon apple pancakes. Their pancakes alone are delicious but with big slices of fresh apples...just decadent.

While we were stuffing our faces all weekend, Moose got a haircut! A very much needed haircut.

Which he still is super fluffy but it's stuffed animal fluffy and not overgrown alpaca fluffy.

I'm very grateful for this no plans weekend - lots of good food and good company. It doesn't get any better than that.