May 28, 2015

Moose's Memorial Day Weekend

I would call this just Memorial Day Weekend, or our Memorial Day Weekend, but judging from my camera roll, it was all about the Moose.

Though rain threatened every day, we still found plenty of time to life-jacket up and get some time out on the water.

It's always a process getting ready to go out - with so many family members and now little kids. Kids who LOVE sunscreen, which is a good problem!

Luckily Moose is patient.

I hear a lot about Pomeranians being annoying little yippy dogs, but not this one. Moose is a lake dog through and through. 

The weekend wasn't all about the dog - our Nieces enjoyed the lake too! 

How sweet is this picture - I love the reflection of E in my SIL's sunglasses.

Moose took over again at this point - just a quick dip!

In and out he goes! 

Then it was back to some dual-driving, and lots of horn honking underneath bridges.

All of us with the wind in our hair!

Then it was Baby E's turn - she just turned one and started walking! 

Not on the boat, obviously. 

Always ending with the two Captains of our Ship.

Hope your Memorial Day Weekend was memorable as well - and though I'm late per usual, always a huge gratitude to the men and women who have lost their lives defending this great country. 

May 3, 2015

Weekend Happenings - Little Rock Farmer's Market

Another weekend has flown by! The weather here has been nothing short of perfect so EH and I took full advantage.

Friday night we camped out at our favorite pizza patio - US Pizza. I love their patio and the food is always delicious. Get the Salad Supreme - it's the best. Our favorite pizza is the Dave's Favorite.

Later that night, the power in our entire neighborhood went out. We couldn't figure out what caused it so what did we do? Grabbed another cocktail, put Moose on the leash and sat out on the tailgate. It was actually quite nice!

Saturday was another glorious day and the opening of the River Market Farmer's Market so off to downtown we went.

So many wonderful items - jams, jellies and fresh honey.

Beautiful bundles of blooms. Sorry, couldn't resist an alliteration.

Huge tomatoes - I really regret not getting some of these!

So many choices! You could plan your Saturday night dinner just by walking around.

I was this close to picking up on of these bird houses - how pretty!

In the end I walked away with some corn, fresh strawberries, a bundle of flowers and a block of feta cheese from the new Kent Walker Artisan Cheese.

After the market we slipped into the new Damgoode Pies that has opened up downtown to try their new beer and to enjoy the patio. 

They had clever posters up of some of the greatest fictionalized beer. King of the Hill Alamo, Family Guy Pawntucket Brewery and several more. Too funny!

One thing I want to try and talk EH into this summer is going for a bike tour downtown - I can't even remember the last time I rode a bike but I think I'd look pretty good on this aqua one!

Or if we have one too many beers at lunch we can just take the trolley around.

The rest of the weekend we spent grilling steaks on Saturday night, trying a new restaurant for lunch today and generally taking it easy. I've been on a Once Upon a Time marathon on Netflix - the visuals are cheesy but I'm liking it overall!

Hope you had a great weekend!