April 27, 2015

2015 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is coming up! I'm not a Mom yet (unless of course you count Moose) but I would love to get any of these items as a gift!

I've mentioned this lotion several times but it really is just that good. Niven Morgan Jean Baptiste 1717 lotion. It comes in hand soap, candles, home spray and more for whatever you might fancy. 

We received several lanterns when we got married and they're still my favorite - we've got two on our kitchen island now. And two on our back porch and one in the hall...This one is Amazon Prime eligible and no need to even wrap! Pair it with a flameless candle and put a big pretty bow on top and you're golden. 

Moscow Mules have made a recent comeback lately so why not gift a set of the fun copper mugs? Put the mugs with some ginger beer, a bottle of vodka and some fresh limes and it's a party within a gift!

Tassels are everywhere and I love the trend - especially on this Bauble Bar bracelet. The yellow color is perfect for the transition into hotter months. 

I've been obsessed with Kendra Scott for awhile and these Ellen Drop Earrings are so feminine and pretty. If these Ivory Pearl ones don't do it for you, there are tons of other options and styles. 

Tervis makes some of the best cups and these wine goblet styles are terrific. Tons of different designs and these hold up really well. These are my go-to gift options and they never seem to disappoint. 

This past Christmas, my SIL found this CEIVA Digital Frame - you download an app and you can upload photos instantly from your phone! We had so much fun uploading pictures and it's fun for the recipient because the gallery always changes!

Lastly, I love the Cinda B luggage line. I have the print above - Ravinia Black - in several pieces. I love how casual they are but a little more updated than some other print bags. 

Hopefully this inspires your Mother's Day Shopping!

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