Hi y'all! My name is Rachel. Here is my face!

Photographer told him to whisper something sweet. I'm pretty sure he whispered "booger"

I'm a 26 year old Executive Assistant and Marketing Coordinator located in Little Rock, Arkansas. When the conversation starts of "where are you from", I always get a little anxious because I don't consider myself from anywhere. But I was born in Fort Worth, Texas and after moving around a lot as a kid, I became an Arkansan in the sixth grade.

The booger-whisperer up there is my Husband, Alex! We met at the end of freshman year of college at the University of Arkansas (GO HOGS!) and were married March 31st, 2012. He's a Civil Engineer with big blue eyes and an awesome beard that even requires a beard comb.

See? Married. 

No babies on the brain yet, and how could you when you have the coolest fluff dog ever? This is Moose, our 6 (holy crap!) year old pomeranian. He'll be a frequent guest on the blog and comes with many aliases. Moosers, Squish Face, Pirate Squish, Moose Barkington Fluffbottom. Etc.,etc.

How Moose is most often posted up. Also, how he got the nickname SquishFace because his mane gets all smooshed when he sleeps.
Introspective Moose

Beyond that, I'm just your typical girly-girl. I love being on the lake or tailgating at a football game. I love anything pretty and I get excited so easy that I think I drive Alex nuts sometimes. I never wear my hair up in public (shouldn't say never but it's rare!) and I recently decided I actually do like pink nail polish. I'm a huge wine-o and I love getting out of the house and meeting up with friends and family! I often have a full schedule between work, friends, and our extensive blended family,  but I really wouldn't have it any other way. <3

So follow me, and hopefully you can find a pretty little victory for you too. :)