April 16, 2015

2015 Oaklawn Derby Day

One of my favorite days of the year is the Oaklawn Derby Day. It always seems to be the most perfect weather day - clear skies, bright white clouds, and abundant sunshine. 

We started out Friday night by meeting the rest of the group. Hot Springs never disappoints with their sunsets.

Friday night is always more casual - EH's parent's cook lots of food, pour lots of wine, and people lounge and drink and try on different hats for the upcoming day.

On Saturday, everyone wakes up excited despite the amount of drinking the night before. The Bloody Mary's and Screwdrivers don't hurt.

I love EH's bowtie! I switch up dresses but stuck to my favorite hat that I've worn approximately five times to Oaklawn. 

We headed up to the Jockey Club which has the best views.

The group varies slightly year to year but it doesn't matter who you're with when you're at the Derby!

Mimosas at this point are a necessity.

As are cupcakes.

Since we were early for the first race, we had plenty of time for pictures.

Some more candid than others!

This one ^ cracks me up. My BIL trying to stay out of the way (or trying to be in the way, who knows!) and my MIL with her alert face. Either way, my SIL and I look cute!

There is always a mariachi band too!

This one is always my favorite though.

After a few races, it's nice to head out to the infield to stretch your legs and feel the sunshine. And also take off your heels.

There are ponies everywhere!

It was somewhere at this point of time that I won $25 on a race, which is HUGE because I bet rarely and very cheaply. Everyone seems to have their own strategy and mine varies. This year was by name, cross referenced by successful jockeys. Other times it's the grey horse. Or the longshot. You just never know what will hit!

The majority of the afternoon was spent socializing though!

Another successful Derby Day! It's not about the amount of money you win (or lose), but the value of the company you are with!

See you next year, Oaklawn!

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