April 28, 2015

Puff of Pomeranians

EH and I go back and forth on the subject of getting a second dog. Which really is me whining for a puppy while EH rationally lists out all the reasons why it's a terrible idea.

So, when I get a chance to dog-sit I like to take advantage. And it's even better when it's my MIL's Pomeranian because that means for whatever brief amount of time, not only do I have two dogs in my house, but two Pomeranian equals...a PUFF. That's the name for it and it's amazing.

To Moose's great pleasure, Bailey went home tonight but it was fun having a puff for a little while!

And now it's back to normal with my Main Man Moose, my favorite Pom of all.

I'll leave you with a final fun fact about Pomeranian's. Two Pomeranian's is a Puff, but three Pomeranian's is a Tuft!

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