February 16, 2015

The Highs and Lows of Arkansas

On Valentine's Day we were graced with perfect weather - 70's, abundant sunshine and very little wind. A perfect day for a little day drinking.

We started out at Dugan's Irish Pub - a favorite in downtown Little Rock. Great hearty food - we selected gorganzola cheese dip, fish and chips for EH, and a BLT with a fried egg for me. A friend met us and picked Bangers and Mash. Plus! They had one of our favorite local brews on tap - the Lost Forty Honey Bock. 

After lunch, we met another friend at another new brewery - Blue Canoe Brewing Company

A narrow bar with friendly staff and a huge open window at the front. They are dog friendly - we hung out with Brazil again! And the environment lends itself for chatting with strangers.

My favorite was the Pilsner but every beer we tried was good.

The rest of our Valentine's Day was spent in comfy clothes watching movies and catching up on our DVR. A perfect Holiday if you ask me!

Sunday we met friends for brunch. Isn't brunch wonderful? Look at this bloody mary from US Pizza.

Man, do I love a great bloody mary.

After a quick grocery store trip, we settled in again for the new Walking Dead episode and a night of freezing rain/sleet/little bit of snow. Which of course means the state shuts down which is fine! Because Snow Day.

EH was able to sleep in and I was granted the entire day off so more movie marathons were in order and I caught up on the Bachelor. No shame whatsoever.

Moose really enjoys this weather. Especially when he is sporting a full body sweater because his humans haven't scheduled a hair cut. Woops.

The snow really does suit him.

We might have a small delay before work tomorrow but more than likely it will be business as usual. I love these weekends and random days off though - they sort of recharge you for the day-to-day grind.

For all of my Northeast Friends and anyone who is crazy over this weather, hang in there! Spring will hopefully be here before we all know it.

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