February 24, 2015

Weekend Happenings - Sushi & Beer

This has been a strange week - yesterday we were sent home early because of snow, we started late today, and potentially could start late or leave early tomorrow. Arkansas weather, man.

Since this past weekend was relatively mild, EH and I took advantage and got out of the house.

Moose was content to hold the fort down.

Friday night we ventured to one of our favorite sushi spots - Kiyen's. Never really crowded which is always surprising but sometimes favorable none the less when you want great sushi without having to wait or make a reservation.

We usually order three rolls, one of which I require comes on fire. Here is the Master:

Next was the Playboy.

And finally the Chili Thai.

All three were delicious! There are other great sushi places in Little Rock but if you haven't already I would definitely not overlook Kiyen's.

Saturday was rainy and cold which always makes me want to eat warm food and have a drink. Does rainy weather do that to you? No?

We popped into another of our newest go-to's that I can't quit raving about - Lost Forty. We settled in and started with their hummus - spicier and more flavorful than most with toasted bread, celery, pickled carrots and pickled cauliflower.

For our drinks we tried their newest creation - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Honey Bock. Their Honey Bock is easily both of our favorites but this version was extra special.

For lunch, I went with their turkey sandwich. I wish I remembered all the details but it was warm and melty and delicious and surely that's enough to convince you to try it?

But the real show stopper was the brisket. Oh my gosh, this brisket y'all.

We've tried several times to order this plate and they were always out of everything, but this time we lucked out. EH asked our waitress as we sat down if she would set aside an order for him. It is just..delicious. What the word delicious was invented for.

We rounded out our lunch with another round - the Stout for him and the Rock Candy Abbey for me.

After several rounds and such great food, we were pretty worthless the rest of our Saturday which was fine by me. On Sunday we headed down to EH's hometown for lunch and an early dinner with family before heading back to Little Rock before the bad weather set in.

Are local breweries popping up in your area? Are you experiencing crazy winter weather? I hope it's a yes to the first and a no to the second!

Stay warm and drink beer, friends!

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