August 4, 2014

Weekend Happenings and The Fold

We've conquered another Monday, y'all. Though admittedly Tuesdays are notoriously worse for me than Mondays, it still feels pretty victorious. So here's a recap of what our pre-Monday activities looked like.

Friday night involved another Home Depot and Best Buy run - the first for the final missing pieces to resolve our hot water heater issue, the second as reward for all the hard work in getting hot water again. 

I might have ordered Donkey Kong for Wii. It's maybe supposed to arrive tomorrow. What can I say? I'm a sucker for new games based off of old school games.

On Saturday we headed to The Fold. Down in the Designer District (bottom of Cantrell), it looks like something out of Miami sometime in the 50's. Considering I'm pretty sure it's been renovated from an old garage, that's really saying something.

Photo Courtesy of The Fold Facebook Page

They can even open the garage doors so you get an awesome breeze, and despite the amazing interior..

Photo Courtesy of The Fold Facebook Page
..we decided to embrace the beautiful summer breeze and take advantage of the patio while we can. Which, let's face it, we'll sit on a patio in January, but still. 

We started out with margaritas - for me, the lemon rosemary.

And for EH, the Jalapeno.

  They were both delicious but forewarning, the jalapeno has quite the kick to it. The iphone did no justice to the plethora of jalapeno seeds that were swirling about. If you like a little heat though, definitely give this one a try.

The Fold's Menu is big but not overwhelmingly so.

We went for the queso which is a classic choice - I'd share the picture but it was half way through devouring it that I decided to take it, and well, just trust me and order it for yourself.

For our main course, we both centered in on the tacos. Though I ordered a Pollo y Poblano and a Loco Taco, the fates aligned and I ended up with a Tejas instead of the chicken and man...stars aligned on this one.

While EH decided on an assortment of three.

You can also see the beloved queso in this shot. Or what's left of it.

To wrap this up, if you are local or driving through, please stop at The Fold. Try to pick a nice day where the garage doors are opened up or you can sit on the patio and I promise, between the fun atmosphere, the friendly service, and the fanatastic food, you won't be let down.

After that, the rest of the weekend was spent meeting friends at the Stone Throw Brewery's Birthday Block Party - they closed off the entire block and brought in amazing food trucks and there were people and live music everywhere. We only caught the last hour but definitely will not miss an event like this next time.

Terrible picture of the tail end of the night but at least you get the idea.

Also, one of our friends brought his new friend, Brasil. I might have some competition.

Look at that face! So cute. The dog is pretty cute too. ;)

So unless you're interested in my Sunday cleaning spree, that's the recap. Hope the rest of the week is a great one!


  1. Nice interior! I love how the design comes together so nicely :)
    Is that taco... with rice? Awesome.


    1. Isn't it cute? We ate there again yesterday and it was just as great!