February 15, 2015

Valentine's Weekend

Another weekend has come and gone! This one was especially great - I love when Valentine's falls on a weekend!

Friday at work I was surprised with a dozen roses, hand delivered by EH. Spoiled, always.

We decided Friday night would be our big romantic night out. EH didn't disappoint - we headed to Cache which I have been wanting to try since they opened up. We started out with cocktails and a crab cake to share.

Terrible picture but trust me, it was delicious.

Cache had a set menu for Valentine's weekend but we were both very happy with our choices. I went with the pork chop (which is a surprising choice!).

Set on top of a pile of risotto and then topped with fresh green beans. It was so flavorful and perfectly cooked. So so good.

EH went with the filet and loaded baked potato.

The green beans were delicious and the baked potato was, y'know, a baked potato. But the steak? To die for. We were both seriously impressed.

We ended the night with strawberry cheesecake which perfectly rounded out our experience with Cache.

After dinner we headed to their lounge up stairs which was...interesting. We only stayed to finish our drinks but maybe it's better on a Non-Valentine's weekend? I'd be interested to hear if anyone else had been upstairs and what they thought.

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day! If you're like us or our friends in the Northeast - hope you stay warm and safe over the next few days!

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