February 25, 2015

Little Rock Snow Day

On Monday we had what I felt was our first official snow day. The snowfall was heavy and immediately started to accumulate which of course means the entire area basically shuts down.

This only happens maybe once or twice a year though so what can you expect? I happen to love it, especially when it cuts my work day a little short.

Moose likes it too I think.

I love that little paw. Also isn't our neighbors totally subtle, non-intrusive fence just lovely? My favorite. 8 feet is clearly not enough.

I like it almost as much as the iron pelican there. We've got some yard work to do this spring I think.

Moose doesn't notice such trivial things - he focuses on the snow alone.

Tiny paw print in the snow. My little heart melts. This one was my favorite, a repeat if you follow me on instagram.

Oh my goodness, that face. I've now made it my cell phone and ipad wallpaper as well as my desktop and I might just have to print it out too.

This guy's pretty cute as well! Exploring the road after work.

We didn't get a chance to build a snowman or sled, but it was a pretty great snow day nonetheless.

Hope you are staying warm wherever you are! 

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