September 10, 2014

One Last Beaching

Summer is officially coming to a close but we still had time to squeeze in one last beach trip to South Padre Island in Texas. Or, Northern Mexico if you ask EH. First there was the overpacking.

Then the 12-14 hour drive depending on which map we referenced. Moose knows how to make himself comfortable.

After finally making it to meet my parents and the rest of the family, we made it an early night and woke up to explore the beach.

The weather was absolutely perfect for our entire trip - warm and sunny with a great breeze.
Even Moose, who has already braved rivers and lakes this summer, took right to playing in the waves.

In between frolicking in the waves Moose hung out with us under a towel tent EH set up to lay in the shade.
At night we enjoyed the amazing sunsets and island scenes.
On our last day we did some bay fishing where I caught a shark! It was a huge shock and while it was exciting, I hope to stick to the cute little catfish next time instead. You may be able to tell from the pictures and my expressions.

Luckily the deck hand was okay to pose the shark for me. I named him Steve.

 This was my only catch of the day but the rest of our group consistently pulled in red fish, catfish and a few other types. Our boat crew were hilarious and while I don't want to catch another shark anytime soon, it was a great experience.

After all of that excitement we finished up our trip with one last afternoon on the beach. 

 We wrapped up the trip with home cooked fish from our trip and deep conversations withe Mooser.
Where he promptly passed out  after all of the beach activities.

All in all it was a wonderful last getaway for the summer. Have you had any fun last minute summer plans?

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