September 12, 2014

High Five For Friday

Even though it's been a short week for us (we got back to work on Wednesday), I'm still happy that it's Friday! Here's a short recap and some plans for the upcoming weekend.

1 // One thing Texas has over Arkansas is the fact that they have Jack in the Box. EH and I ate our weight on both trips in 99 cent tacos. Which seems really kind of gross but worth it.

2 // After being at the beach, I'm loving that this week has been rainy and cooler. I wore my Hunter rain boots for the first time yesterday and it just felt right. Bring on fall!

3 // Moose must really like warm laundry, or he's not ready for me to pack everything up again for another weekend away.

4 // My best friend is on her way to my house to be picked up after work today - then we're making a getaway for our friend's bachelorette weekend. The weekend includes the usual drinks, dining out and dancing but we're also doing a fun booze cycle party! I'm really excited but also hesitant because in no way am I in shape and we're the ones powering our vehicle! Fingers crossed for me?

5 // The major downside of being away this weekend is I'm missing my sweet niece's 3rd birthday party. My SIL always goes all out and this year her theme is Candy Land! I asked EH to take lots of pictures though and I'll have to give her extra birthday hugs when I see her.

Have a great weekend y'all!

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