September 29, 2014

Crazy busy lately so here are some pictures of salad and Moose

The past few weeks, or months really, have been insane. Between end of summer trips, EH studying for a huge test next month, and oh, y'know - the little matter of starting a new job, it's just been crazy.

So yea, in case you missed it in that opening paragraph, I got a new job! I'm out of the life insurance business and now more into the marketing/promotional world of business. So far it's going great and it's fun to finally go into work every day and not only learn something new, but learn about something that actually interests me.

Which, surprise, life insurance did not. 

I'm also slowly starting to pick up some side projects that I'm pretty excited about. And with that, I've been trying to restructure how to keep myself organized. More on that coming soon! To tide you over and break up this wall of text, here are basically the only pictures I've managed to snag since I logged on here last.

Little Rock lovelies - have you tried any of the salads at Big Orange? Delicious. Though next time I won't mix in the red onion quite so much. 

This picture sums up how I've felt lately. 

I also couldn't resist and had to put a few fall items out. Someone get me a pumpkin spiced latte and I'll be set!

It's good to be back! Happy Fall Y'all!

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