August 28, 2014

Fantasy Football

 I had a weekly recap post but since I usually do those on Fridays, I thought I'd give you quick recap from our last weekend which was entirely centered around Fantasy Football.

Every year this group of guys assemble to draft their ideal football team. This was their fourth year to come together and from what I can tell with my limited knowledge, I think it was a victory all around!
To determine the order of the draft, they came up with a few different qualifications. The first test involved beer pong, naturally.

Back in the day, EH used to literally build these massive beer pong tables which were then elaborately painted. He left those back in Fayetteville, so this time we had to improvise.

 If the doorknob and door vent didn't give it away, that is our former laundry room door. Which actually has been removed for a long time, and also didn't really belong to a room but more like a laundry closet. Regardless, it served the ultimate purpose! 

After the tournament, their commissioner (so serious!) had everyone take the Wonderlic test - an intelligence test all potential NFL drafts take which measures a player's aptitude for learning and problem solving skills. Or something. 

It was interesting and a lot more difficult to take! I don't remember who won but maybe that's because I was gloating about scoring a 34 after I had played along to take it myself. You should try it! It even tells you what pro football player you compare with.

Aside from the football festivities, I enjoyed watching our friend's recently adopted friend - Brazil - interact with Moose. Moose was a semi-gracious host but he definitely is used to being the only fluff-man of the house.

They had one thing in common - hanging out in the kitchen with me as I cooked to vacuum up any falling food.

By the end of the night they were best friends. It wasn't enough to convince EH for a baby brother for Moose but enjoyable all the same!

Finally, the draft was over, though the night certainly wasn't. I was grateful to have another wife in the group so it wasn't guy overload! It was still fun to watch - so much more goes into fantasy football than I ever would have guessed!

I love that they still included their friend who couldn't make it in! If you look closely, you'll spot some Moose ears - I guess he wanted to be one of the guys!

So do you do fantasy football? I've got an all girls league coming up and I'm just crossing fingers I don't end up last place like last year!


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