August 22, 2014

High Five For Friday

It's Friday y'all!

1 // EH was my hero last weekend (and always) because he cleaned ALL of our floors which are stained concrete. We vacuum often but it feels so much better once we've taken the wet vacuum to them. He even added some shiner to them so they look brand new! 

2 // Apparently Moose does NOT like his chew bone to be in the basket with all of his other toys. Every time I pick everything up, he spends the next twenty minutes or so snatching EVERY single toy out of the basket until the bone is the very last one, then he tips the basket over and over until it falls out. Vacuums and baskets - apparently not my dog's favorite things.

3 // It's been a pretty mild summer so far but this week has been stupid hot. And muggy. It's this time of year that I join millions of others who fully anticipate fall!

4 // Now that school is back and my commute takes longer (the horror! from 9 minutes to 13), it's hard to swing into Starbucks without running late. On Tuesday I was highly successful and since I knew it would now be a rare thing, I made the most out of this caramel macchiato. So good.

5 // The boys are coming into town - my house will be full tomorrow for the fantasy draft! I've got a fun menu planned and look forward to enjoying all of the antics. Fingers crossed EH gets a good lineup! I've got a girls league coming up but we definitely can't outdo the guys!

Happy Friday y'all! Have a great weekend!
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  1. I live in a college town and back to school changes everything! It takes me so much longer to get places also!
    I would love if you would stop by and linkup with me today!

    1. Oh gosh, I do NOT miss college town traffic!! I've linked up! Thanks for stopping by! - Rach