August 20, 2014

Recent Little Victories

We've made it through half of the work week! Here are just some random thoughts that I'm documenting for no other reason except I feel like typing and well, really that's it. And because what person doesn't enjoy creating a new list, I present these random thoughts to you in list form.

1 // I've mentioned it before, but birthdays in EH's family last almost a week and this year was no exception. Out with friends on Saturday, steaks and presents on Sunday, sushi dinner out on Monday, and down to his hometown for dinner in the Chef's kitchen on Tuesday. All in all, I think we celebrated the heck out of his birthday!

 This was the main course of the technically..fourth birthday dinner? The steak was perfect and there on the left is the most delicious pile of crab mashed potatoes ever. I think we all would have eaten our weight in these if given the opportunity.

2 // Moving on from birthday celebrations, I discovered this week that IcyHot is the greatest invention ever when you have a random body part in pain - like me with my shoulder. Who knows what I did because I'm certainly not the most active person, but luckily EH fixed me up and not only do I smell minty fresh, but for the first time in weeks my shoulder isn't killing me.

3 // Hydrangeas are some of my most favorite flowers. We're lucky that we have several in our backyard but they are fickle to bloom (probably as a result of us being fickle to trim them back each year). Luckily we were gifted this beautiful bouquet which somehow instantly makes our entry table so much fancier.

 4 // Every year EH and several of his buddies go The League style and have a big Fantasy Football party for their draft. We've hosted before and this year we're hosting again - so if anyone has any recipes for a large crowd, will you send them my way? And also please cross your fingers that my potted plants make it out alive. (That's a story for another day!)

There are my randoms. Hope you have a happy Thursday!

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  1. Loving those hyndrangeas! They look familiar but I only knew their name because of you. Beautiful! They bloom into their own bouquet! :)