September 21, 2015

No Plans Except Bacon

EH and I rarely have a weekend with no plans, or at least that's what it has felt like lately. So this past weekend when I checked our calendar and saw nothing, I got ridiculously excited.

After a lazy Friday night, I woke up Saturday and checked Facebook only to see it was Bacon Fest at the State Fair Grounds! Bacon. Fest. Who wouldn't want to check that out?

The food lines were all incredibly long, and it is still stupid hot here, so we picked one to wait it out, Pat's Kitchen.

Which had more traditional bacon wrapped items, sure, but we were starving at this point and bacon wrapped potato skins sounded divine. Spoiler: they were.

Deep fried potatoe wedges that were then wrapped in bacon, breaded and fried again. They were really good - if they could have incorporated cheese or sour cream they would have been over the top.

Jalapeno Poppers! These are mine and EH's favorites so we couldn't resist.

And candied bacon for dessert! Loved these.

With some of our favorite beers from Diamond Bear Brewery and Lost Forty Brewing!

After we devoured everything, we took another lap to see if any of the lines had shrank and to snap pics of all of the menus. Some of the items were outrageous!

The funnel cakes sounded awesome and if I wasn't already full I would have been all over the bacon topped batter fried cheesecake.

I didn't see anyone walking around with a bacon armadillo egg but that's not to say people didn't try it!

This last stop had a short line and a few things we really wanted to try so we jumped in for a bacon wrapped fried oreo and a jalapeno bacon lemonade. Jalapeno. Bacon. Lemonade. Whaaa?

Which we completely expected to hate. But it was delicious. It felt really wrong. We finished it all. 

Which got us thinking.. would this be good turned into a cocktail? Add some vodka, serve in a moscow mule mug with a piece of bacon for garnish? Weird? We may just have to try it.

My favorite part of the day were the action shots of EH trying the bacon fried oreo.

First was observation.

Action shot.

And if this isn't the look of satisfaction, I'm not sure what is.

And it was good! Though not as crispy or warm as we thought it would be.

Saturday we met EH's Dad and his Wife to watch what we were sure would be a Razorback victory. Judging by our faces you can tell how the game went. Still love our Hogs!

Sunday, we headed to our favorite new brunch spot - Lost Forty - to try and recover from our defeat. If you are local and haven't checked out Lost Forty for brunch on Sundays, you absolutely should.

Two options for Beermosa's - fresh squeezed grapefruit or orange juice. We ordered one of each!

I went with my favorite, their biscuits and gravy with two fried eggs. 

While EH went for their cinnamon apple pancakes. Their pancakes alone are delicious but with big slices of fresh apples...just decadent.

While we were stuffing our faces all weekend, Moose got a haircut! A very much needed haircut.

Which he still is super fluffy but it's stuffed animal fluffy and not overgrown alpaca fluffy.

I'm very grateful for this no plans weekend - lots of good food and good company. It doesn't get any better than that.

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