September 22, 2015

Kitty's Wedding!

Back in July you may remember I helped host a Kiss the Girl Bridal Shower for my very best friend, Kitty. Last month was finally got together again to celebrate her and her Fiance's Big Day!

Starting out with a Rehearsal dinner at the restaurant K used to work!

All the pretty bridesmaid with Pretty K in the white. Love these girls!

After dinner, K smartly went back to her suite and took it easy the rest of the night, leaving the rest of us to go out. The wedding was in our college town so it's always fun to hit up our old stomping grounds!

We love Uber. And Fayetteville had some of the best Uber drivers. At one point I remember one of the cars having disco lights!

The next day we all met at Luxe Beauty to get hair and makeup done. 

Big hair don't care, right?

K's hair was beautiful, and her something borrowed was this beautiful piece that belongs to her older sister.

Once we were all dolled up it was time to get to the venue for champagne toasts and to put our dresses on.

My hair notoriously refuses to stay teased so I got a bit of a redo. N is the best at teasing hair. We debated just leaving it like this, K would have loved that!

The flower girls wanted a sneak peek at K in her dress.

AHH, isn't she gorgeous?! I am still obsessed with her gown. 

The back is to die for. I cannot wait to see her professional pictures.

Sisters! A is my little sis from our sorority days - aren't they both pretty? Pretty girls.

Before we knew it it was wedding time! K had a beautiful outdoor ceremony and then we all headed into the venue just a few steps away - the Pratt Place Barn. She had two long tables running the length of the barn, white twinkling lights and beautiful white arrangements. Simple but so classic.

We danced our little hearts out in celebration of K and A! I couldn't be happier for them both and I loved standing up with her for their big day. 

Sure love you, K! Cheers to all the happy years with A!

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