November 8, 2015

Little Rock Cornbread Festival 2015

I love weekends with no plans. Or weekends with no expectations, to be more precise. Where you lounge around and get up to do things that sound fun, but if you don't, it's no big deal because nothing firm has been set, there are no disappointments to be had.

That's how this weekend was. On Friday night we had some pizza and met friends for the new Bond movie. Which, while not my favorite, was still pretty great. 

On Saturday it was cold and overcast which I don't hate. A quick glance at Facebook reminded me Little Rock had a Cornbread Festival!

Located in the popular SoMa district, we found parking in a random field and made our way in. $5 per person got you a wristband in.

The event started at 11am but we didn't show up until closer to 12:45. Next time, we'll make sure to get there closer to when it starts. There were still plenty of food options and booths to explore but even at 12:45 some people had already ran out of food and packed up to leave.

Still, lots of tasty samples to try.

The live music was awesome - the lead singer went from singing to playing the trumpet to a clarinet. And they were hilarious too! 

But for all of the deliciousness of the cornbread, EH and I had our sights set on something completely different from the beginning.

The Excaliburger.

EH had done all his homework - apparently this guy mastered his burger and set out on the road to share it with the world. Too many repairs on his food truck put him out of commission for awhile but now they are back and Little Rock rejoices because of it.

I don't even like pickles on my cheeseburger but on this burger they were perfection. If you're local, make sure to add the bacon for $1.00 more. Bacon makes everything better.

Southern Gourmasian was also in attendance, which I hate to admit I still have not tried. But I've heard amazing things!

Also Banana Leaf..which I have not tried either but it looked delicious!

After devouring our burgers with no napkins, who would have thought!, we made another round and back in time just to see the winners of the festival.

This group won several awards including Best All Around! I wish we would had arrived sooner so we could have tried their food. Now we know for next time!

The rest of our weekend included watching our Razorbacks win against Ole Miss, fires in the fireplace, and sleeping in on Sunday. 

Overall, the perfect weekend. Hope you had a great weekend as well!

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