September 22, 2015

New Products I Love

So a few weeks ago I got a haircut - one different than what I've been sporting basically since college. You know the one, long with layers and a medium shade of brown. I occasionally tried bangs and would try different colors, but basically the same thing.

Now I have a Lob, or a long bob. It's still slightly past my shoulders, it's very subtle, but it feels so different to me! So with the new style I started seeking out some new products just to freshen things up.

And then I found Not Your Mothers line. 

The hair lifter is great - doesn't leave my hair crunchy if I miss it with my round brush.

The hairspray I have already reordered several times. I use a LOT of hair spray (poor EH and Moose) but this is great. Goes on light so it is easy to layer until I have the control I want.

Can't complain about the dry shampoo - though if I get a little heavy handed it does leave white residue, which is bad for brunettes. But it's pretty easy to rub in. Definitely a fan. 

Plus the price point is awesome.

Staying with the budget friendly price point, I've also really enjoyed e.l.f. Mineral Face Primer. For $6 you can't beat it and really I feel like it has performed just as well as the Smashbox version I typically use.

And to finish off my face, I really dig the Nyx Matte Finishing Spray. It scares me every time I spray it though, haha.

Have you tried any of these, or have any other budget friendly recs? And just so we're clear, this is not a sponsored post! Just what I have picked up lately from Target. :) 

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