October 23, 2014

Thursday Night Random

I would hate for this to become my life's motto - but I've been busy. 

Something about starting and integrating into a new job, and coming home and supporting your Husband while he studies for the biggest test of his career - it just really brings out the exhaustion in a girl.

But we are powering through. Every stress we have right now are positive stresses. Is there such a thing? I guess so - something about shouldering the weight of the present knowing it will pay out in the future. That has to be some sort of victory.

There are times it feels really hard - and draining. I still go to work and have days where I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. Which sort of stinks to be honest. But then I will have days - or hours of a day - where it all is starting to click and man, that feels great!

It's also been stressful because we're the night before EH's biggest test ever. He's had his own roller coaster of events with his career and though that has settled, the biggest exam of his career is happening tomorrow and it's overwhelming to know that it's here and holycrapthiseffectsthingsdowntheroad. 

But - we're packing his bag for tomorrow (all day test - he needs snacks!) and getting his materials together and my greatest hope in the entire world is I hope we both breathe a huge sigh of relief late tomorrow. No matter what the outcome is, though I have no doubt that it will turn out great. 

So that is where we are. Busy and stressed but on the very cusp of some wonderful things. 

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