October 13, 2014

Recent Purchases

Hope everyone has had a happy Monday! It was a dreary, rainy Monday here but I don't mind the gloomy weather. It always makes me feel cozy.

In keeping with the cozy fall spirit, I've picked up a few items to help transition into cooler weather. 

I noticed a red vest on Old Navy's instagram on Saturday and after lunch with EH (at PotBelly's - new here and so good!) I raced over to snag one for myself.

I wanted the thinner option they had but they were out of my size. I do prefer the color of this one and the weight is perfect for our mild winters here. The collar is a smidge too thick but not overwhelming. I'm happy with it!

I also picked up this cardigan and sweater. At least..I think this is the sweater. It looks different in person - more like a piko. Maybe I'm just not finding it online. Mystery.

I had kind of given up on Old Navy for awhile - they had some great pieces but it felt like the quality had gone a little to the wayside. These items feel a lot sturdier. Only time will tell!

While searching for a dress for an upcoming wedding, I also scored this dress from Lulu's on sale! $25 and I think it will be adorable with my collection of booties I have acquired. 

Gahh, I can't wait for it to get here. I've never ordered from LuLu's before but the reviews were great and I couldn't pass up a $25 dress that is perfect for work and happy hour. I'll make sure to do a review once it comes in!

Here's to Tuesday!

PS - did anyone happen to watch The Walking Dead premiere last night? HOLY cow. So freaking good. Anyways. Bye!

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