November 16, 2014

Weekend Happenings

It's crazy to me how quickly the weeks, and weekends, seem to fly by lately. It's become this weird cycle where I feel anxious for the work week on Sunday night, and before I know it it's the weekend again. 

This past weekend was fabulous though. Friday night EH and I ventured to North Little Rock to meet friends for Dumb & Dumber To. It was pretty funny -- we definitely laughed throughout! But nothing compared to the original.

But you really can't overshadow this classic scene:

Saturday, we meet EH's sister and her two girls, as well as father in-law and his wife for lunch at Cafe Bossa Nova. Neither of us had been before which is surprising since we love every other restaurant in the Hillcrest District but we finally made it and it was as delicious as we expected.

We even had a surprise visit from Santa! Which terrified our niece at first until Santa greeted her by name (great touch, EH!). He also made her promise to leave some carrots out for his hard working reindeer.

Our niece has a really cute Christmas wish list - sparkly cowboy boots, a Barbie, a Barbie House, and a Barbie TREE! So cute. Surely there is a Barbie Tree out there right?

After lunch we tracked down a one-horse sleigh and went for a ride, wrapped up under warm blankets.

Our trusty steed was named Hugo. He was a sweetheart.

The walk back included a very intense conversation about acorns. Or "acerns" as EH was trying to get her to say.

The rest of our weekend involved watching our Razorbacks take back the Boot!, pot roasts in the crock pot, and crackling fires in the fireplace. Like I said, it's been a wonderful weekend.

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