July 14, 2014

Weekend Happenings

This past weekend was the first in a long time it feels like where Engineer Husband and I had no concrete plans or trips out of town. To say this was much needed is an understatement.

Here's what we filled our free time up with:

 1 // Stopped into American Pie Pizza for a couple of pre-movie drinks and some spicy chicken dip. This has sort of become a tradition right before we go see a movie, which isn't often enough!

2 // Met up with a friend and her hilarious fiance to see 22 Jump Street. It was SO hilarious - better than the first which is saying something because I loved that one too.

3 // After the movie we headed to BJ's Brewhouse for a couple of post-movie drinks. Our friend's Fiance got RAK'd (Random Act of Kindness - it's a Chiver thing) which made EH jealous he wasn't wearing his Chive shirt. Good times!

4 // On Saturday we grabbed lunch and after deciding it was ridiculously too hot and too humid outside, I convinced EH to help me set up a little backyard oasis.

Which meant concocting up an "orange thing" (basically a screwdriver with a splash of sprite - so good!), breaking out the super SPF tanning lotion, and diving into a new book. Pretty funny so far - especially if you are read it in Ron Swanson's voice. Which of course I did.

But what really made the oasis special was my very own personal swimming pool.

Which I purchased with the money I received for returning a dress to Target, which basically meant I purchased my pool FOR FREE. Not really, but that's what it felt like at least.

On Sunday we headed to one of our favorite spots - Dugan's Irish Pub - for a late lunch and day drinking while we watched the World Cup!

Which led to another round at Stone's Throw Brewery - which I've mentioned before is a favorite.

And last but not least, we captured the elusive white(ish) chipmunk that has been terrorizing Moose.

Which EH promptly named Moby Chick. Get it?

Shortly after we shuttled him to the nearby park to join the league of other chipmunks we have relocated. Not sure if it's helping control the population in our backyard but oh well! It's so fun to see them sprint off - I'm pretty sure the park goers think we are crazy.

Hopefully that shows up!

Have a happy week!

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