July 25, 2014

High Five for Friday

Finally reaching Friday and the weekend is the best feeling in the world. So here's another High Five for Friday!

1 // EH and I have NO official plans for this weekend (minus him playing golf this afternoon) so I plan on taking the time to lounge in my backyard oasis.

2 // I got a pedicure several weeks ago and used vinylux polish for the first time. It's similar to shellac but you don't have to cure them under a UV light (so much quicker!) and it lasts just as long - plus you can remove with nail polish remover which is great! Anyways, mine have finally started to wear off so if I must...I'll be getting a pedicure this weekend too.

3 // This guy seems to have so much more energy when his hair is cut really short - who knew. He's been keeping EH and I busy after work each night playing with his babies. I made the mistake of burying his favorite chew bone underneath them all so this happened:

He had to take ALL of the babies out to get to the bone - but the basket terrifies him for some reason so it's a lot of tipping it over really fast and grabbing a baby out. He finally got it out minutes later.

4 // Since it's not going to be unreasonably hot this weekend (or so I think now), I'd like to open the windows and doors and let some air through the house.

5 // I've been really good the past month or so with a semi-spending freeze. I've got a couple checks saved up so I think I will take a trip to the mall and treat myself to a new outfit. We've got some fun events coming up in the next few weeks so a few updated pieces will serve me well. 

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png

Hope you have a great weekend!  

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