July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Or maybe I should call it vintage Thursday? Old pictures Thursday?
Anyways, last night in an effort to get EH unstuck from the TV and into the office to study, I turned on an episode of Full House. The one where Jessie and Becky almost elope? And then of course it doesn't work out because no sitcom episode works out in just one night:
Photo Courtesy of www.fullhousereviewed.com
EH still stuck it through almost the entire episode because obviously it was full of compelling plot twists and whatnot. But as we were discussing the amazing fashion and wonderfully cliche catch phrases, watching that little Olsen twin reminded me of pictures from my scrapbook. 
You gotta love the late 80's/early 90's fashion that everyone had at this time. Like who decided a baby pink cardigan with a cottage stitched on the side would be so toddler chic?
  I'm genuinely surprised by my five-head as a toddler. I don't..think I have that now.

While most people go along with the different trends (myself included), there is one person who has had a consistent style since as far back as I have seen pictures for, and that's my Mom. Seriously - look how gorgeous her hair is. It's been as long or longer than this for as long (ha!) as I can remember.

I'm pretty sure my Mom kept the hot roller industry in business from the 70's-probably now.
It's always fun looking back through old pictures - almost as much fun as watching a throwback episode of Full House.
Cheers to Friday coming up!

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