May 29, 2014

Recent Happenings and Things to Look Forward to

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Ours felt like a whirlwind with an overnight (and rain out!) visit to the lake, rushing back here for a wedding shower and then the usual weekend happenings that make it all pass by too soon. Luckily this week was a short one and the next weekend is already a light at the end of the tunnel.

In sort of a rare moment, we have absolutely no plans this weekend. And since I've been cooped up indoors because of several days worth of rain, plus a forecast of many more, I've at least had plenty of opportunity to day dream some plans up for summer weekends to come.

  1. Visits to Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs - this one is a guarantee. There is nothing better than cruising on the boat or sinking the anchor and floating for awhile. Not to mention eating delicious food, drinking my weight in wine and being with family and friends.
  2. Movies in the Park - Bring a picnic (including the booze!), a blanket or your lawn chairs and sprawl out and catch some great movies outdoor in the River Market. Choose between hits such as Frozen (already decided), Hunger Games (guess we'll have to go twice) and I suppose Man of Steel (For EH of course) plus several others. What a perfect date night!
  3. Float trips! EH and I own a pretty swanky canoe that is going to succumb to dry rot if we don't put that baby into a river ASAP. Not to mention we...might have cushioned seat backs AND cup holders. So. Yea, we have no excuse. Bonus points if we can make this an overnight trip with friends. 

I know I had more but I was interrupted by a recently washed Moose who wanted to cuddle and an EH who decided now was a good time to brush out some Pomeranian tangles. So on that note, I'm off to find the lint roller. Have a great night!


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    1. Me too - I hear frozen is coming up soon! Thanks for dropping by! ~Rach