June 11, 2014

More Recent Happenings & A White Chipmunk

Life has been a whirlwind lately! I can't even wrap my brain around everything so let's just do a photo recap shall we?

On Friday we were invited to a rehearsal dinner for some of our great friends at War Memorial Stadium. It was a lot of fun being up in the press box and being able to share in the pre-wedding excitement!

After drinks and dinner and a wonderfully thought out slideshow, we got to head out to the field to play football! Which...I let all the boys do since I was in heels. 

Such a fun experience and I wish I would've snagged more pictures!

On Saturday my Dad and Step-Mom were visiting for the night so we met them for lunch. They honeymooned in Arkansas and so it was pretty fitting for them to revisit on their anniversary! No pictures but it was a fabulous lunch and then we set out for separate celebrations.

In the rain. If you're local, you already know that it's been raining almost non stop for the past few weeks and Saturday was no exception! Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, right?

I read somewhere to tilt your chin down in pictures. Too far, Rach. But EH looked smashing as always!

We took advantage of the photo booth! 

Not sure who the fellow in the back is but the more the merrier, right?

Sunday was spent recovering and then later meeting some family for sushi. Great weekend for sure! I think we're still recovering this week.

And just because - here is a picture of an albino chipmunk. EH and I catch these little guys and take them to the nearby park (they're tearing up our patio with their tunnels!) but this little guy is elusive. Hopefully we can capture him soon for better pictures!

Hope the rest of the week goes by quickly so we can get to the next weekend!


  1. These photos are so cute, and everyone looks like they are having fun! ;)

    God bless,

    1. Thanks, Claire! It was a lot of fun! ~Rach