May 8, 2014

What's Been Happening Lately

The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. It feels like every weekend has been occupied with plans, work has me yearning for early evening naps, and there really is no end in sight. I hope that doesn't come off too negative because really the whirlwind has had it's fun moments for sure.

So here's a quick recap of what I've been up to.

I channeled my inner Zelda Fitzgerald (minus the drama and hospital stays) for a Centennial Gatsby-themed party, which I hope you'll find is RIGHT up my ally.

Engineer Husband dressed up as well, while I posed awkwardly beside him in front of a vintage car.

Holy unfortunate arm there. There was an actual photographer who hopefully captured a more flattering angle - this is what someone snapped with my iphone. 

Side note: if you haven't had the pleasure of attending a 1920's themed party, please throw yourself one. Or find me and I'll throw you one. It was SO much fun! Everyone really went all out to dress up and it felt like stepping back in time...except we didn't have to worry about keeping our speakeasy secret. 

Speaking of awkward selfies, here's one I snapped that I might as well share. It's officially PRETTY hot here so I've had fun digging out spring/summer favorites from my closet - like sheer button ups and some meant to look old but just kidding I bought them like this jeans.

One particular weekend where the Moose Face and I had the house to ourselves, I decided to dig out a few canvases that EH had gifted me years ago, coupled with some Pinspiration to do a little DIY art.

(but...still in progess!)

The top painting is in it's final stages but the bottom one has some work to do. I'm hoping to make sort of a gallery wall in our guest bedroom - and if I can perfect the blue tones to match the walls I will be much happier with it.


Then came Cinco de Mayo! We usually have a get together at our place, with margaritas and sangria and tons of food, but with so much going on (and with it falling on a Monday), we hit up one of our favorite local spots instead. Where, bless his heart, our waiter didn't hear my food order but DID hear my request for extra sour cream. 

Luckily he got some real sustenance out to me before I knew it. It was super loud so I definitely understood why we had the mixup! Bonus points - he kept the margaritas coming!

The next day we got to see my little sister-in-law and little brother-in-law, though they're not little by any means. Seeing them usually means my in-laws are cooking which result in pictures like this!

Though in full disclosure, this is EH's plate. My burger had blue cheese crumbles and bacon but it was devoured before I thought to snap a picture. But his burger was just as picture worthy. 

And now we're here, finally hours away from a weekend where we have very little planned for once except for Mother's Day on Sunday which we are looking forward to. Then it's go-go-go again! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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