May 23, 2014

Favorite Friday of The Year

This Friday - the one kicking off Memorial Day weekend - is my favorite Friday of the year. Why is that? Because my office is awesome and allows us to close up shop for the week at 1pm. We still make the hours up (one downside..getting used to that routine stinks!) but there is something so exciting about stepping out of the office and into the sunshine with a whole afternoon ahead of you.

As soon as Engineer Husband gets off work (poor guy doesn't get his summer hours until next week) - we'll be packing up our swim suits and flippy floppies (sorry!) along with the Moose and headed to the lake!

Maybe we'll hit up one of the sandbars..

Definitely will be looking forward to sunset cruising on the boat..

And whatever else comes our way!

Hope everyone has some fun plans for this weekend - whether you are sticking close to home or headed to your nearest large body of water. No shame if that's the tub even! 

Have fun and stay safe!

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