March 12, 2014

The Main Cheese

Little Rock has really grown on me. Especially the past couple of years since we've been gifted with some great new restaurants.

A few weeks ago I saw someone post on Facebook about a really unique restaurant coming to our area - one specifically geared towards grilled cheeses! Which..come on, is a restaurant based on one of the greatest and most purest forms of deliciousness. It also made me fondly remember a certain Hammontree's up in Fayetteville that we used to frequent pretty often.

So last Saturday Engineer Husband and I headed out to The Main Cheese on Cantrell to imbibe on some melty cheesy goodness.

We showed up right in the middle of their lunch hours when the place was hopping. The sweet hostess gave us a wait time of 30-45 minutes but after glancing around the restaurant and noticing several already empty tables we figured it wouldn't take that long, even though the front area was pretty packed. There's no dedicated bar, though we did spot their beer and wine menu at the hostess stand, which was a small letdown as we were hoping for a little pick me up after the previous night's adventures (Seriously..birthday parties at the Cowboy always end up..epic?) but thankfully we were seated a lot quicker than the estimated time.

Settling into a table for two in the back, we ordered up a couple of beers and picked out an appetizer - the Caponata.

Terrible picture after we had devoured half of the bowl but this was a thick salsa like dip with diced tomatoes, eggplant, black olives, capers, garlic and basil served with fresh pita slices.

While we piled up the caponata onto our pita slices, our friendly waiter took our sandwich orders and sent them back to the kitchen via his ipad. Engineer Husband opted for The Big Dipper -

Carved roast beef with melted provolone, horse radish and garlic butter dipped into homemade au jus sauce - paired with their house fries. Of course we remembered to snap a picture halfway through, but glad we did because a few minutes later and this plate was empty!

I went for something a little less protein-y and chose the Farmer's Market paired with seasoned chips -- 

A whole mess of avocado, cheddar, grape tomatoes, spinach aioli and arugula sandwiched between parmesan multigrain bread. 

Both sandwiches were delicious and you could really taste the fresh ingredients in each. We made the mistake of comparing it to Hammontree's, which seems much more true grilled-cheese oriented, but the variety of sandwiches found on The Main Cheese menu will surely not leave anyone in your dining party disappointed.

Their hours are a little different but they are open daily from 11AM - 2PM where they close for the afternoon (perfect time for a little afternoon nap, in my opinion) and reopen at 4PM for dinner. No full or dedicated bar area but they do have very reasonably priced wine and a decent selection of beer - including several craft and seasonal options. 

Also check out the desserts! There was a donut option that looked particularly interesting, but since I'm an one bite dessert eater and EH was contentedly full, we skipped the sweet course this time.

Hope you enjoy!

PS - here is their website! I believe they have a facebook page as well!

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