February 9, 2014

Snow Day!

As much as I am so looking forward to Spring, when you get an unexpected snow day, winter doesn't seem so bad. 

Engineer Husband and I headed out of Little Rock to his hometown for an event, just as the snow began to fall. When we woke up on Saturday it was a winter wonderland outside.

We spent the late morning sledding and building a snowman!

After a late lunch pretending Chili's was our warming house, we headed home to see how our place looked. I especially was excited to see Moose go crazy in the snow. 

Moose took to the snow like a natural! Our Razorback Gnome didn't fare as well.


The bamboo wall in our backyard was still green and resilient. 

 EH's favorite was the short Japanese Maple in our front entryway. These trees are so sculptural and seeing snow on top of them is almost like a work of art.

My vote still went for Moose!

The rest of our weekend has been spent relaxing and catching up on our DVR. And naturally, beautiful fires in the fireplace.

If you had a snow day yourself, I'd love to hear about it! Hope everyone is staying warm and had a fabulous weekend! :)

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