March 23, 2014

A little spring for the door way

We rarely use our front door. That's my excuse for not realizing that we still had an ice skating penguin doormat out, atleast. 

Still, I had no real proactive plans to remedy this situation until Engineer Husband announced on Friday night that he wanted to peruse Home Depot for some supplies for the yard. Wanting to get out of the house, I joined him. And there - my inspiration was found!

I just happened to spot this bright doormat as we were headed to the sprinkler repair section. I love that it ties into our red door!

Still dreaming about my new doormat and our red door, I woke up Saturday and decided I wanted to make my own door wreath! I decided this especially after looking up wreaths on Etsy and seeing the $100+ prices. 

After two hours of back and forth between all of the faux flower aisles, I finally decided on this mixture - which admittedly is a lot more summery than I originally anticipated. 

To break it down, the door hanger was $19.99 and almost all of the faux flowers were $1.99 but at 50% off which definitely helped. If you look real closely you can also see the striped burlap I picked out for the hanger which was $7.99. I definitely recommend waiting for some sort of 50% off sale. All in all, this ran me around $60 but compared to the $100+ wreaths on Etsy and similar sites, I figured this was pretty good!

And here was the outcome -

Not bad for some faux flowers, right? I have a mini chalkboard that I attached after the fact - it's nice being able to write fun little messages! 

Not entirely sure how this will hold up being outside but I plan on trying to remember to bring it in when it rains or is especially windy. I think it should be okay but I'll be happy to report back.

Hope you enjoy!

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