March 26, 2014

Every Day Favorites

As much as I do love trying new beauty products and playing with the infinite options, there are always a handful of products that I return to over and over again. Below are a few of my favorite drug-store items - minus one but it's not a bank-breaker and it really is awesome so I thought I would go ahead and include it! 

1 - Maybelline Falsies Mascara - In between Sephora mascara splurges I always gravitate back to Maybelline mascaras. The pink and green tube works great but the Falsies line is my absolutely favorite. 

2 - Opi Rapidry Quick Dry Topcoat - I took a chance and ordered this from Amazon a few weeks ago after messing up multiple home manicures in one night. It's not that I'm not patient per's really that I can't sit still and there is a certain fluffy dog that always seems to be begging for a scratch behind the ears after a manicure. Woops! This seems to help a TON - just wait 45 seconds after your final coat (and base coat, just to ensure the shine) and voila! Your nails are dry. I am still super impressed by this.

3 - Essie Fifth Avenue polish - A little more pink in person versus the image, but I wore this shade as the first post-winter-blueish gray color I previously sported and this bright color was fun and put me in a good mood. Great color to wear later into spring and also summer!

4 - Essie A Crewed Interest - I love this soft pink shade. I think it will work on all skin tones and is the perfect spring color without being too sweet. I've been wearing this all week and it am still very pleased with it.

5 - Almay Color + Care Lip Gloss - I've tried several of the different shades and they are all very pretty and sheer enough to not scare you away but Rosy Lipped has been the color I have bought repeatedly. Works great even on dry lips and provides a really pretty shine. I will keep buying this until they discontinue! (Please Almay, please don't discontinue!)

6 - St. Ive's Oatmeal and Shea Butter Lotion - I use the shower gel version of this as well and I love both equally. Anytime I try to stray, nothing ever compares. I love the clean, fresh scent and it helps keep even wintry dry skin nice and moisturized. I don't care if it's not very fancy - it smells amazing and works well so why change!

Hopefully the weather is warming up near you and also that you found a little every day inspiration to amp up the spring season! If you have favorite every day products, I hope you'll leave a comment and let me know!

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