June 17, 2015

Walnut Family Reunion 2015

Last weekend we journeyed to Dallas for our 2015 Walnut Family Reunion. Walnut is the endearing term EH's Dad's side of the Family has given themselves - the original story varies but the overall idea is we're all nuts! In the best way, of course. :)

I started out the weekend with Moscow Mules - but made with grapefruit vodka instead of the usual vodka. So crisp and refreshing! I plan on recreating this soon!

True to his nickname, EH quickly found toys meant to occupy the kiddos and built himself a tiny house.

We started out the long weekend just dipping our feet into the pool. I love these sweet moments with our Nieces! Temporary aquatic tattoos were the accessory of the weekend.

Little Niece enjoyed the flamingo drink holders too! She loved picking things up and then giving them to you - sweet girl!

Ready to dive in! Not quite yet though! We never let her past our fingertips.

The flamingo cup holders were so cute! I was gifted one as a souvenir and I already plan to take him any time I go near water. Minus the shower. Maybe.

The next day we actually spent time in the pool. H loved the shallow end of the pool to show off her dance skills! I can't get over B's cute Half Pint shirt. She won't be a Half Pint for long!

After our Friday pool day, we all piled into multiple cars and headed to Klyde Warren Park. Built over the recessed Woodall Rogers Freeway, it's a huge green space that has splash parks, modern playgrounds, wide greens pace capable of everything from kids running around to large stages for concerts. Plus, an entire row of food trucks! 

Everything from grilled cheese, pizza, Mexican, fried fish...and yea, Sushi! With our entire group we tried a little bit of everything.

Because EH and I both were terribly sunburnt, we were grateful that our adventure to the food truck was overcast the majority of the time. We all ended the day with sno-cones and ice-cream (Guiness Chip for us - something we want to try and recreate!) and then headed back shortly before some rain showers.

We had two more days to our Family Reunion but I will update on those next! 

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