June 29, 2015

Dirt & Corn in Arkansas

This past Saturday we had a break in the 100 degree weather - still abundant sunshine but with a nice cool breeze to break up the heat. So when my IL's asked if we wanted to check out their new land on four-wheelers, it felt like a wonderful idea!

Forewarning, there are a lot of pictures. But since it's our families newest venture, it definitely seemed worth documenting.

Off to a remote stretch of land near the White River.

Where we found rows and rows of corn.

And dirt. Lots of dirt.

But set up under bright blue skies and perfect clouds.

EH was eager to finally let his fourhweeler spin it's wheels.

EH being the perfect navigator like always.

Rows and rows of corn. Each field had different heights - these were probably me sized - so 5'5" give or take a few inches.

Everything was going great until we tried to start the IL's set of wheels - luckily EH always carries jumper cables! After a little while we were all up and running!

Well, up and running right after my FIL accidentally popped a wheelie that spilled my MIL's drink all over her head. Woops!

This was my MIL's attempt to see a beaver that had just crossed our path. Don't worry - the four wheeler wasn't moving!

The views here were spectacular - amazingly quiet - just the sound of corn stalks in the wind, frogs in the water and the hum of four wheeler engines. 

This is where we ran into a little trouble. A whole section of land that looked impossible to get to.

But we made it! Into a huge field with grass as tall as our vehicle.

Which led to more dirt - we were covered after trailing behind these two! But this portion of the land was special - little fingers tucked back making hidden coves. 

Which may not look like much but it is!

The sun still high but later in the day, we packed up and headed home. Covered in dust but happy and content.

And of course we had to stop at Ms. Lena's for a big piece of coconut pie.

All in all, a perfect day. 

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