June 8, 2015

Red Apple Inn - Heber Springs, Arkansas

Recently we had the opportunity to try out the Red Apple Inn & Country Club for my coworker's wedding. 

Photo Courtesy of Trip Advisor

I wasn't sure what to expect since I had never been to Heber Springs, but EH and I both were pleasantly surprised by the Inn! So much that I only snapped a few pictures.

The interior was rustic with the exposed stone and apples everywhere for you to snag while you walked around. 

There were cozy spots everywhere to sit and enjoy being outside. This one was my favorite with the fountain.

The views were all pretty fantastic too.

The interior leading to the rooms was bright and airy with modern artwork everywhere.

The rooms were similar - whitewashed walls, large windows that open up to beautiful views, and colorful, modern artwork. I wish I had snagged a picture! 

We only stayed one night for the wedding and I think it's safe to say we had a lot of fun!

Finally we managed a good one!

It may have been blazing hot but we had a blast dancing the night away.

It was fun, Heber Springs! Sunday was spent recovering and now we're gearing up for our next mini-adventure - Dallas!

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