June 23, 2015

Trinity Groves in Dallas, Texas

The last day of our Walnut Family Reunion, our group headed to the Trinity Groves in Dallas, Texas.

Trinity Groves is a 15-acre space that hosts exciting restaurants and shops - each one more unique than the last.

For brunch, we settled into a (large) corner booth at L U C K Dallas. 

Starting the day off with Beermosa's for good measure!

EH and I both decided on Eggs Benedict - piled high with pastrami. Delicious! 

Each restaurant has it's own unique patio space - each styled to the theme of the restaurant. If we hadn't been gearing up to head back to Arkansas I would have loved to stretch out and have a cocktail on each patio. Well, maybe not each!

We couldn't leave without stopping into a few shops - first Kate Weiser Chocolate. Their truffles were beautiful works of art. And delicious too! Even their packaging was beautiful.

Up next was the Cake Bar!

The Cake Bar was everything a cake shop should be - beautiful menu, beautiful cakes, and friendly staff. We took home a slice of German Chocolate Cake for our friend S who picked up Moose from the boarder and it received rave reviews!

So whether day or night, Trinity Groves has something for everyone. I really hope we can go back next time and have a cocktail! Or just another visit back with these two cuties. :)

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