July 23, 2015

New Orleans Night One

Last weekend EH and I piled into the third row of a family friend's SUV and headed further down south to New Orleans.

New Orleans! My very first visit. 

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton, which was extraordinary.

I cracked up when I uploaded this, EH was checking the bathroom out with me. 

Our views were pretty terrific!

For dinner Friday night we ventured to Johnny Sanchez Restaurant where they were held a private event hosted by Tres Agave Tequila.  

The first hour was a build your own cocktail bar - you chose the tequila, the mixer, juices and garnishes. So fun!

I went with a little agave nectar, grapefruit and lime wedges. EH chose strawberry with jalapenos!

EH always ends up with pink drinks, it's crazy. These were both delicious but our favorite margarita out of the group had cucumber and jalapeno. So refreshing and delicious!

The restaurant had a cool, funky vibe.

And we even had the opportunity to meet the Chef!

After the cocktail hour, we all settled into our table and started the night with a champagne toast.

Then the courses of food and tequila really began.

First drink was a shot of the Tres Agave tequila followed by a chaser of Chef Miles Sangrita. Delicious when you took a sip of the tequila then sipped the sangrita. Not so great mixed together. Weird! 

The crispy shrimp salad was first up.

A little reminiscent of bang bang shrimp, but infinitely fresher and more delicious. I'm not usually a huge fan of shrimp but spoiler alert, this was my favorite dish!

Next up were Duck Carnitas and the newest tequila concoction. 

The third course was a delicious rib-eye, but by this point we were all wrapped up in the tequila drinks. This was a more traditional margarita, and so pretty!

The meal ended with a brandy sifter of tequila and amazing Salted Mexican Lime Flan. So good!

You can see where the night led us!

The best part of the night were the SNL reenactments. I couldn't even tell you what they were acting out (thanks tequila!) but our end of the table were dying laughing.

EH was just as involved in the table-side skit as our friend here, don't let his shy face fool you!

It was a wonderful night - LOTS of tequila (we all swore it off for..a day), lots of great good, and most importantly, wonderful company to share it with. 

And just the beginning of our NOLA adventure!

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