July 27, 2015

New Orleans Day Two

I'm seriously missing New Orleans. So bear with me as I continue to recap each day, with probably an overload of photos. I couldn't help myself! 

So after I last left off, our group ventured to Bourbon Street to start the long weekend off.

Probably one of the few super touristy-giveaway thing we did - order Big Ass Beers.

After our big night our, we woke up the next morning and all met at Acme Oyster House.

We couldn't turn down Boo Fries - french fries drenched in roast beef gravy and shredded cheese.

Followed by several orders of Char-grilled Oysters, none of which EH actually ate but he did enjoy the bread dipped in the sauce. SO good.

EH and I went for fried catfish and red beans and rice, a staple of New Orleans.

My MIL went for the soft shell crab. I think it's safe to say she enjoyed it!

After a starch heavy lunch and a little hair of the dog, we were ready to set out for our first day of walking around New Orleans. Hot! But under beautiful clear blue skies.

I'm sure it's cliche but I so enjoyed the architecture of New Orleans - so ornate and beautiful.

We stopped into a couple shops along the way. My favorite was this Antiques shop - though I regret to say I didn't catch the name. But how fun was this guy in the bottom right? He was shopping for pocket watches. I wanted to be his friend.

A case in the corner held nothing but vintage Chanel - my heart could burst!

But what I really coveted was this - a signed record from The Blues Brothers! My absolute favorite movie of all time. 

Sadly I didn't have enough pocket money for this one. Maybe one day!

On we kept walking, passing fences filled with artwork. 

People kept stopping to check out this piece, but it still it remained. Wonder why!

I have an affinity for horses - this guy was my favorite of all the tour horses.

We popped into a few different shops - this one was fun! So many ties, bowties and pocket squares. Very Southern.

Eventually we found Lafitte's Blacksmith Bar.

Which was REALLY cool - we found a couple of pub tables in the dark back corner and enjoyed the coolness of the room. If I had to find something to complain about, it would be the smell. I don't even know how to describe it but we all noticed it. But still fun, I would definitely give it a shot.

Next up was the French Market. 

I walked out with a few trinkets from here - a few custom Lego men for DH, a Blue Dog print and boiled peanuts. 

Eventually our group split up to head back to their hotels to get ready for the night. EH and I enjoyed a few street performers.

The man in gold was my favorite - he really did look like a statue until he started dancing. So fun!

There's still so much but this was one of my favorite days. 

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