August 10, 2015

Conquering Four Ball 2015

Every summer near the end of August and after several months of practice and outfit planning, we head down to EH's hometown for the Four Ball Golf Tournament. It's a great time - three full days and four nights of golf and debauchery. Last year I felt we barely survived. 

This year we came out much better, though we still had PLENTY of fun. 

Thursday night while the guys have a Casino night, the Ladies all gather and have heavy appetizers, drinks, and usually some form of dance party.

This year obviously involved tequila shots, which I am very grateful I only sipped before handing it off to whoever happened to be sitting next to me at the time. Terrible enabler!

Which meant Friday morning starts with Bloody Mary's and lots of carbs. The guys played in the morning so by late afternoon this is how we found them.

Which cracks me up because I actually took eerily similar pictures last year. But the heat and crazy humidity + I'm sure lots of beer will do this to the best of  'em!

After naps and showers, we cleaned up and got back to it!

Then it was off to the party! Friday night is always my favorite - nobody is worn out yet, the band is fun and everyone dances their little pants off.

Saturday is the big golf day. EH and S have a tradition of dressing up. This took weeks of planning, y'all.

It was so humid this day that EH's glasses kept fogging up - poor guy!

Saturday also means hanging out at the 13th hole and taunting the golfers. Immature? Absolutely. Hilarious tradition? Yes.

This was mid-day, at the day's peak the golf carts were wrapped around ten or so further to the right. Maybe even more than than if memory serves. 

Every year somebody brings something to try and completely distract the golfers - I'm going to let this picture paint the story. And for reference, last year a..similar item was attached to a fishing pole and strung up through the trees and conveniently dropped down at the right time.

Don't judge. 

Luckily for EH and S they came through once the majority of the crowd had parted ways. 

Saturday night is much more low-key and Sunday is another round of golf. By that time we're worn out and ready to go home and rest our livers. But we survived another year!

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