June 20, 2014

High Five for Friday

It's Friday! This week sort of flew by, though I have no idea why really since for once we don't have too much going on!

1 // Since I've long given up on beating the current level of Candy Crush, I found a new game to waste all my time on - Two dots!

When in doubt, make squares!

2 // My friend and her fiance just moved into their new home which means Housewarming Party tomorrow! I think I'll hit up Full Moon in Hillcrest for the perfect gift. I'll do my best to steer clear of anything monogrammed. We'll see, they're hard to resist!

3 // Moose is getting a haircut. He's currently in the process of shedding enough fur for what I can only imagine is to create a miniature Moose.

Look at that hair! And the weird face! I adore him. I'm thinking either a total buzz cut or maybe a mohawk? Thoughts?

4 // Kimono time - I've been wanting one for awhile and this weekend seems like the perfect time to try and find one. Something budget friendly though - maybe like this Forever 21 find? Fringe is in, right?

5 // Last but not least - EH and I have big plans to get ready for our camping/floating trip next weekend. We've owned a pretty sweet canoe for several years but the poor thing has been hanging up in the garage, dreaming of touching the water again. That's probably a little dramatic but oh well. So weather permitting, this will be my view around this time next week!

Photo Courtesy of www.floatthebuffalo.com

 Hope you're having a happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Rachel!
    I just came across your blog through High Five for Friday link up! I love anything outdoors and your camping/floating trip sounds like so much fun! Consider me your newest follower through the various social media you have provided!

    Happy Weekend
    -Rosy A Joyful Kind of Life

    1. Hi Rosy! Thanks for stopping by and the kind words! I enjoy your site as well and can't wait to follow! Have a happy weekend! ~Rach

  2. Okay so based on your post (and the one below), I'm wondering if you live in Arkansas?! I live in Little Rock! We need to be bloggy friends! :) Also- I've heard of two dots, but never played it. I might need to jump on the bandwagon.

    Stopping by from Lauren's link up! Have a great weekend!

    1. You are correct! We're in Little Rock as well! I'm glad you stopped by and look forward to checking out your site! ~Rach