June 16, 2014

Lake Happenings

Another busy week/weekend over here!

On Thursday I met a few of my girlfriends from Supper Club. Out of 11 of us it feels like half are expecting or have welcomed little ones so it's hectic trying to all get together. Still, five of us met up at Baja Grill  - a former 2013 Best Food Truck Around the State winner turned corner restaurant in the Heights district. This particular spot has seen a lot of turn over in the past but with food like we had, I see this place finally sticking and becoming a staple. Fresh salsa, guacamole and queso plus unique options for tacos, burritos and more - sounds like your typical Mexican flair but their combinations were different and SO good! I went for chicken and cuban tacos but others sampled the naked and regular burritos and were equally impressed.

The only possible downside at this point is they do not have their liquor license (I believe I heard they are getting it by July though) but you can bring your own wine and just pay a corkage fee. FYI - it's one corkage fee for the entire table. So even though you may each bring a different bottle (what? supper club is not just for food!) they will only charge you the one time. Not a big deal at all (kind of nice to be honest!) so that + great food + great service? Definitely a victory in my book.

But before we hit the road on Friday, EH and I stopped at Taziki's for a "beer lunch" (aka lunch with an alcoholic beverage) - one of my most favorite things!

If you're a Little Rock local I'm sure you've hit up Taziki's. Friday afternoon sitting on the patio with the beautiful weather was the perfect start to our weekend.

Once we made it to Hot Springs, it was a casual dinner out with all the family then Saturday we all assembled to get ready for the boat!

Which included a waterfall..


An ombre arrangement of water balloons...which were promptly stolen by the guys to throw at unsuspecting people.

Baby Geese! 

There were seriously SO many geese wading by the dock but it was difficult to get a picture. I blame my in-law's labrador who decided right then was the perfect time to jump in the water!

After a long day on the water it was all about more patio sitting and wine drinking which led late into a night full of conversation, great food and several pool games.

So despite our (well deserved) sun burns, it was a wonderful weekend escape and I can't wait for many more this summer!

And even though it's a day late, hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day! Just for fun, here is one my favorite pictures of my Dad and I from our wedding. Love this guy!

To close, we've made it through Monday so have a happy rest of the week!

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