November 20, 2013

Gift Guide for your Wine-O Friend

Did you realize there are only 34 days left until Christmas? This blows my mind. I have a feeling I'm going to break a cardinal rule this weekend and go ahead and decorate for Christmas. Waiting until after Thanksgiving just doesn't give me enough time to enjoy everything!

Apart from my daydreaming of covering our house in tinsel and cheer, I've started coming up with ideas for gifts! I love picking out gifts for friends and family, though I know sometimes it can be a challenge!

If you love wine like I do, or have someone on your Christmas list who adores wine, here are a few (I thought) pretty unique gifts! Some of these I use every day weekly and a few I just discovered today!

1 - Stainless Steel Wine Glasses - I actually bought a pair of these from a local kitchen store and they've been a definite hit! They keep your white wine cooler longer than a traditional glass, and I adore the modern look.

2 - Insulated Wine Tumblers - I first saw these a few months ago and I've been in love ever since. *hinthint* Wine to go, and no worries about spills!

3 - Rabbit Wine Stoppers - I own a ton of these (they're cheap!) and I can't rave about them enough. No more struggling the get the cork out the second time with these stoppers! Great for a stocking stuffer.

4 - Outdoor Wine Glass Holder - I can't attest to how well these work, but I love the idea! Perfect for those summer nights playing baggo in the backyard - but without worrying about your drink spilling over!

5 - Corkcicle Wine Chiller - I keep one of these in the freezers, perfect for those impromptu guests or for when you just need to chill a bottle really quick. Plus it just looks kind of cool, huh?

6 - Wine Marker Metallic Pens - I have a ton of those cute wine charms and guess what? They all sort of look the same so it doesn't do much good, and that's if I remember to even dig them out of the bowl. These markers would be great for a party - guests can write their names or the host can put fun messages on themselves! 

7 - Cocktail Napkins - There are a bagillion different options out there but I really liked these wine glass blueprint napkins. This would make a great print to have framed for your kitchen or bar area, no?

8 - Insulated Wine Tote - These are great for BYOB occasions. Plus it comes with it's own teeny front pocket to hold the wine screw!

Hopefully this inspires some Christmas shopping for your favorite wine-o (or for yourself, I won't tell!). Happy shopping!

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